Sunday, June 3, 2012

Check out this coffee / I read something bad about you here etc

You will get those emails as well. (See example below) Emails with a short URL in it to, yeah that is the problem? Where is it going to? You do not know. So my simple advice! Yes, you know it. DO NOT CLICK ON THEM!!!!! I keep on telling it here!!!! ______________________________________________________________ I was visiting my friend recently, when he served me some really great coffee. He knows me pretty well and that I start the day and end the day with my favorite cup of coffee (I admit I am a bit of a coffee freak.) So anyway, when I asked him where I could find this heavenly product he replied i think its Tylers but he was not sure, anyway just letting you know: or you Google "Acid Free Coffee" or click So I did. You can take it from there...!!