Friday, June 8, 2012

How to make $500 in commissions today (Fake or not)

Is this Fake or not?

If you receive below e-mail then keep in mind that it is a way to sell you a product. Before you buy this. Try to find someone who really make so much money in a day/week or month?
The link is going to:
x-trafficmonopoly . com

They just want to sell ! If it is so good, then why a short URL?
Did you buy this, then tell your real experiance here. (with proof)
There are a lot of the same websites like this and they sell (old) pdf enooks with "tricks" to make cash. Most of them so old that it is not working anymore. Good luck if you decide to buy it.

See an other example from a website like this here:

But that is selling the same website for 3 dollar. And in that way legal.


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Ashley Faith