Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kenneth Dwanze Re:Call me on Tele: +44 131 208 3215

Another one !!! You know the drill. Just DELETE it. FAKE FAKE. Just out to get your personal information, and send you a BIG bill!!!! Same male is send to a lot of other people as well. You can see that on "Undisclosed-recipients" in the TO line! __________________________________________________ Tele: +44 131 208 3215 Email; Direct Tele: +44 131 208 3215 My name is Mr Kenneth Dwenze ,
I write to let you know that there was a Client Whose Family / last name is same with yours died leaving behind an estate / capital ( 7.6 million euros Million Euros and 275 kgs of gold dust) here and in another security firm in Europe till date. I can confirm to you with certainty that the said Investor died without detailing any next-of-kin to his estate and nobody has come forward or put application for the claim. In pursuant of the above plan, Having in mind that i shall be entitled to a commission which shall be discussed in the subsequent correspondence .I urge you to call me as soon as you receive this mail as i believe that you are CAPABLE of handling this transaction as detailed, you are advised to email the following information as stated below so that we can immediately begin on the process on how the funds will be released to you as the Next of Kin. (1) CONTACT ADDRESS: (2) DATE OF BIRTH: (3) TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBER: (4) YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN (5) YOUR OCCUPATION: Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and I urgently wait to hearing from you. Please reply me immediately through my direct email; Best regards, Mr Kenneth Dwanze Tel: +44 131 208 3215