Sunday, June 3, 2012

Please verify your tax information. Fake INTUIT INC

If you get below email, then do not click on link. It is going to this website: and has NOTHING to do with INTUIT INC. _____________________________________________________________ Dear Sir/Madam, With intent to ensure that accurate information is being maintained on our systems, and to provide you better quality of service; INTUIT INC. has taken part in the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] Name and TIN Matching Program. We have found out, that your name and/or Employer Identification Number, that we have on your account is not in compliance with the information on file with the IRS and/or SSA. In order to check and update your account, please enter the secure section. Yours truly, INTUIT INC. Corporate Headquarters 2632 Marine Way Mountain View, CA 94043 No virus found in this message. Checked by AVG - Version: 2012.0.1913 / Virus Database: 2112/4791 - Release Date: 02/05/12