Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scam e-mail on craigslist

When you have ads on craigslist you can get a similar mail as below from a "lovely lady". Do not click on the link. It will go to an adult website where you have to sign up. When you do, the "lovely lad" that send you this e-mail get paid for your sign-up.

Just delete the e-mail.

I'm intrigued in you and your ad. I wish to find out more and was thinking if you could call/text me with your location? Please find my cell phone # on my personal page, you have to join first but no worries there's zero cost. This way I am protecting my personal information, I have money ready to go. I just need to ask you something over the phone and double check this is not a scam. Thank you!

truexchangeghws . com is going to: greatoff . net

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