Sunday, June 3, 2012

What G00GLE NEVER Told You About MAKING_MONEY With Adsense.

Did you get the below e-mail? Always wonder why someone would share some information with me. If I would make $500 a day. (Just to give you a idea that is about $15.000 a month, or $180.000 a year !!!!) Would I share that with everyone? Maybe I would? Maybe I would not. But at least I would send out a clear message. I would NOT hide it behind short hidden link.
Or use a gmail address. No, I would tell it everyone. Just like that. But, anyway, this link is going to truthfulcash . info where they sell you information about adsense. I think they want to make some extra money. And I understand that. But do not hide stuff. Be open mister Joel Comm :-) And just remember. If you need to know something about ADSENSE, there is a lot of FREE information (For example on the the Google Adsense pages !_ that is just as good this (or better). Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that this information is good or bad. I just think that they do not have to make it a secret that they have a website with information. Just tell it. Good luck with your selling this year .... Take care ... _____________________________________________________________ Hi, Greeting! It has been an Internet entrepreneur since 1995 and have launched, run and sold a number of successful websites and businesses... * A co-creator of what is now known as Yahoo Games. * created a #1 iPhone application. * have written a NY Times Best-Seller and other best-selling books. * speak internationally and domestically to Fortune 500 corporations. For a long time it was most well known for generating thousands of dollars per week with Google's AdSense program. Now, What he discovered changed his life. $500 PER DAY with just a few tiny changes the majority of AdSense users didn't even know about. People started calling him "Dr. AdSense" and the testimonials flooded in. Many of those customers doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their AdSense earnings overnight. Please CLICK HERE for more detail. http://DO NOT CLICK THE LINK THAT IS HERE! I have give it you already :-) Joel Comm, once NYTimes Best Selling Author reaveled his masterpiece to the public. Thank you and more power, P Goodwin Affiliate Marketer This e-mail was sent to you because you subscribed to at least one of our mailing_lists. If you feel that Ive breached your privacy or at any time you would like to rem0ve yourself from our mailing_list, please feel fr_ee to do so by sending an E-mail with "Rem0ve" as the subject to and I will honor your 0pt_0ut requests, rem0ved your email address personally and immediately from my emailist. Thank you.