Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Email about Adblaster.

Did you receive a mail where you get a offer to buy AdBlaster? Do NOT fall for that trick. There are a lot of good review from people who have already got this program, but that is also the reason why they give a good review. Because they get resell rights. And remember, if you use software like ADBLASTER, you are spamming. Some of the responses we found that shows how bad it are below: Hi just to add I too received a email for this product so I checked around and found this comment from a site called rip off report. A handy site for checking out these sort of products. ************************************************** *********************** AdBLASTER can Blast your ad to more than 2.5 million websites! Get 5,000 Hits Per hour This is a lie and a Rip- Off. I installed 6 of my web-site's on this so call AdBlaster to advertise on. After 1 year using this program I didn't get the 5,000 Hit's per hour they said I would, I didn't even get one! I even checked some of the web-site's of this program.I could'nt even find my web-site's advertisement. I tried to contact megapromoter dot com about this false claim, they never responded. By the way, they are located in Germany, so don't waste your time and money on this so call AdBlaster. You will never get all those hits. AdBlaster is a big Rip-Off !!! Nathan Brooklyn, New York U.S.A. ************************************************** ************************ Hope this helps some one save a few dollars. Regards Allan Source: Dangerous : See: "Dangerous software" April 23, 2011 | By jammstrasse Version: AdBlaster 2.0 Pros None! If you download it watch out. It contains a virus. Cons Norton anti-virus would not allow AdBlaster software on my computer because it contains a virus. I paid with paypal and am fighting the fight to get my money back. I wish I had of read these reviews before I got this rip-off product. Summary