Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Will "remove" really remove you from a mailing list?

Sometimes you get a e-mail with at the and a statement that you can get your e-mail removed of there mailing list by simple reply on the e-mail with "remove" in the subject.
What most people not know is that this is a perfect way for the person sending this e-mail in the first place to check if the e-mail address that they have is a "life" e-mail address.

How can you see that this is NOT a way to find out that your e-mail address is life or not?

When the e-mail is send from a hotmail , gmail or yahoo mail address, you have a big change that this is just a way to check if your e-mail addresss is life. So, just delete the e-mail and report it with the hotmail, gmail or yahoo account as spammer.

Keep your e-mail clean.