Sunday, August 19, 2012

Craigslist responces to gain your e-mail address and more...

When you post something for sale, barter or anything else on craigslist (or for that matter any other ads website.) Be aware that there are a lot of people out there that just want to get your email address, and nothing else. (There is a big market for e-mail addresses at this moment.)
They send you a text so you response on it, and then they will have your e-mail address.
Below are some of the ways how they do it:
  1. The send you a response with something strange so you will ask what they mean?
    For example:

    How are you doing? 
    Can you please email me with examples of your work?
    Even if you sell only a item here, that has NOTHING to do with work ??
    Are you okay?
  2.  Tell you in name of Craigslist that your add is removed? (Or any other website)
  3. Offer you a incredible amount for your item, or the best trade ever.
  4. Send you a check with a to big amount on it and ask you to send the item and return the amount that is to much paid. If done,you find out that the check is fake, and you lost your item and cash. And the bank can demand that you cover the false check!
All the above things will be a indication for you that it is fake.

All together, becareful!