Monday, September 17, 2012

Your IRS tax bank transfer is rejected (Fake)

If you receive below email, then ignore. 
Is fake links below are from hacked websites with code on it.  irstaxrej.html fgallery/ irstaxrej.html

If you have a Wordpress website check then for the irstaxrej.html file.

Subject can be:

Your IRS tax bank transfer is rejected
Your tax tax bank transfer was rejected
Report of tax bank transfer decline

Your tax tax bank bank transfer was cancelled

Below is one of te emails we got:(Links are removed)

Internal Revenue Service United States Department
of the Treasury (IRS)

Your Federal Tax payment (ID: a number), recently ordered for processing from your checking account was rejected by your banking institution.

Canceled Tax transfer
Tax Transaction ID:a number here
Rejection IDSee details in the report below
State Tax Transaction Reporttax_report_a number.doc (Microsoft Word Document)

Internal Revenue Service P.O. Box 265 Fullerton 05970 MI