Friday, October 5, 2012

Intuit : Congrats - you're approved for GoPayment Merchant

SPAM : How can you see that it is SPAM. A small list:

  1. Links are going to other website? Hover over a link and you see the link is going tosome strange website that has nothing to do with email?
  2. You get more from the same mails on different email accounts, and it looks like the same. Same numbers, same accounts etc.
This email had links going to:

Subject can be:

Congrats - you're approved for GoPayment Merchant

Congratulations - you're been granted access for Intuit Merchant

Some websites are hacked. (Special theWordpress websites are an easy target) and some of the websites are created just for this kind of scam. 
Be careful all .... And send your received spam to us, so we can check it. And talk about it on our forum.

New Respective Client!
GoPayment Merchant by Intuit statement for ADOPTED SOFTWARE, LIMITED has been issued.
Intuit Payment
Destination Account: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX17
Email Address: Your mail

Additional charges for this service may now apply.

Next step: Please check your User ID

This is really important lets you:
Review your payment service in the Payments System Center
Review charges
Enter to other Intuit products you may use, like TurboTax, Quicken, and Intuit Payroll

The good news is we see you have an existing Intuit account for your email address, You can use this ID for your payment service too, or enter a new one.

Verify UserID

Get started:

Step 1: If you have not still, download the Intuit software.

Step 2: Launch the Intuit GoPayment programm and sign in with the User ID (your email address) and Password you created.

Easy Manage Your GoPayment Account
The Intuit GoPayment Merchant Service Center is the web site where you can learn a lot about GoPayment features, customize your sales receipt and add GoPayment users. You can also view transactions, deposits and fees. Visit link and access with your GoPayment UserID (your email address) and Password.

For more information on how to begin using Intuit GoPayment Merchant, including tutorials, FAQs and other resources, visit the Merchant Service Center at service link.

Please DO NOT reply to this message. auto informer system not configured to accept incoming messages.