Thursday, December 13, 2012

Citibank - Service Fake mail

If you receive below email (That is trying to steal your information, but is a good example how to see that it is fake. Spelling mistakes. Bad graphics)

Links are going to: /components/com_ag_google_analytics2 /citialert-sign_in.html


See below example.

There are several other Subject emails send, like:

Account Warning
Account Operation Alert

It even looks like they (The spammer) is trying this out. Several emails are received that looks similar but where having errors in it :-)

Email Security Zone EMAIL SAFETY AREA   
   ATM/Debit card ending in: XXX4   
Warning Service

   Wire Complete

Ultimate Savings Account (USA) XXXXXXXXX1
Amount Withdrawn: $8,514.88
Date: 12/12/12

Log In to Abort Operation

    Wire Complete

Ultimate Savings Account (USA) XXXXXXXXX1
Amount Debited: $.45
Date: 12/12/12

Login to Cancel Detailed information

Please do not reply to this message. automative notification system cannot accept incoming mail.

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