Thursday, January 10, 2013

If you receive below e-mail, then do NOT click on link. It is again fake. Links are going to: wp-content/ plugins/zdtaiodyuar /chkpayroladp.html

Subject can be:


We will report all website's here that have this on there website.

Talk about it on our forum. Or response to it here in a comment.

ADP Instant Announce
Report #: 27037
Our Valued ADP Partner January, 9 2013
Your Refused Account Activity Statement(s) have been put onto the web site:
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Please overview the following notes:
  Please note that your bank account will be debited within 1 business day for the total indicated on the Statement(s).
   Please Not try to reply to this message. auto-notification system unable to accept incoming email. Please Contact your ADP Benefits Authority.
This notification was sent to acting users in your company that access ADP Netsecure.
As usual, thank you for choosing ADP as your business pard!
Rep: 27037