Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to report spam? Here is a list with some emails.

To report spam or unsolicited emails:,,

* When you are an Hotmail user, you should click the "Junk" button to report Spam, but if  you are
an Non- Hotmail customers should then you should address an email to, or (Just check where the originating mail domain was coming from: hotmail or msn or live). Attach a copy of the spam email to this email and send it.
If they do not receive a copy of the email as an attachment there ability to take action against the spamming account is severely impacted, because they need to have evidence showing from which Hotmail account the SPAM was sent. It is possible that the email address was spoofed, and we don't want to mistakenly close a non-spamming account.

This are just some of the places where you can report spam.
Soon more information.