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When you recieved below email, then do NOT click on the links ... It is again fake.
All are going to Hacked Wordpress Website's : /wp-content  /themes /toolbox /pp-purchase-details.html

Did you receive it also, then send us your mail. Place in subject : type of scam!

Below is an example !

PayPal logo Date and time here TIME HERE PST
Transaction ID: An number here!
Hello Your email address ,

You have made a payment of $Amount USD to Name of person.

It may take a few seconds for this transfer to figure in your transactions history.

Email address seller
Instructions to seller
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Shipping address - confirmed
Adress seller
United States
Shipping details
The seller hasn't provided any shipping details yet.
Details Qty. Amount
Article here
Item# number here
62 $Amount USD
Shipping and handling $amount USD
Insurance - not offered ----
Total $amount USD
Payment $amount USD

Payment sent to Seller name

Receipt ID: number here

Problems with this transaction?
You have 45 days from the date of the purchase to issue a dispute in the Resolution Center.

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