Saturday, August 3, 2013

Facebook Wall New Message [2] Aaron Ward

If you receive a email with the content below, then do NOT click on any of the links. The person just want to make money with it. All links are going to exact the same link. See below. link.php   ? M=1845631&N=227&L=97&F=H

The link is going too a website where you can make money with affiliate. Has NOTHING to do with FACEBOOK!

Above link is going here :

Researching this it is going here:  (Who is Danny, this is about

Or :


We Just got these below posted on our Facebook Wall...
47 likes in first 30 minutes...WOW!

See Post #1 Here (Link removed)

See Post #2 Here (Link removed)

Use them, Share them, Enjoy them...

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