Friday, August 16, 2013

Successful Credit Card Settlement Report - Authorize.Net

If you receive below email then just ignore it. It is going to a hacked website that is now suspended:

Dear Customer,

The following is your Credit Card settlement report for Friday, August 16, 2013.
Transaction Volume Statistics for Settlement Batch dated 16-Aug-2013
Batch ID: 474381619
Business Day: 16-Aug-2013
Net Batch Total: 7709.54 (USD)
Number of Charge Transactions: 1
Amount of Charge Transactions: 7709.54
Number of Refund Transactions: 8
Amount of Refund Transactions: 439.38
You can download your full report at Link Removed
To view details for a specific transaction, please log into the Merchant Interface.

1.Click "Reports" from the main menu
2.Select "Transaction Details by Settlement Date"
3.Select "Settled Transactions" from the Item Type drop-down box.
4.Select the Settlement Date for the batch you would like to view from the "Date" drop-down box
5.Click "Run Report"
6.In the results, click on any transaction ID to view specific details for that transaction.

If you have any questions regarding this settlement report, please contact us by Secure Mail or you can call Customer Support at 1-877-447-3938.

Thank You,
*** You received this email because you chose to be a Credit Card Report
recipient. You may change your email options by logging into the Merchant
Interface. Click on Settings and Profile in the Main Menu, and select
Manage Contacts from the General section. To edit a contact, click the
Edit link next to the contact that you would like to edit. Under Email
Types, select or deselect the Email types you would like to receive. Click
Submit to save any changes. Please do not reply to this email.