Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spoofed Email, what can we do about it.

Today we will start reporting websites here that use spoofed email to advertise there business.

But what is spoofed email. To make it simple. It is this: Normal when you send a email then in the email message your email address will show as the person who has send it and you will also place a email address where the email has to go to.

Spoofing is nothing else then make it so that it looks that the email is coming from someone else (Or even your own email address)
They actual have NO connection with your email account at all. They simple create a fake email address as senders address (They can even make a email address that is not existing.)
See for more details about this here : Email spoofing

What will we do here.

As you can see we have created this new top menu : Spoofed Email Users

In there we will place websites links that have used spoofed emails to advertise there product / website.

In this way we want to create a database with website you must avoid. There will be a big change that even if you contact a website like this that they actual can use your email address to spoof others.

Avoid advertising this way.

Did you receive spoofed emails, then send them to our temporary email address:


 Place in subject the title : Spoofed Example!