Friday, October 4, 2013

News: Scientists Are Ready To Offer You Safe And Efficient Product

When you receive below email then simple delete it. It is SPAM send with CNN logo to attracked people to click on the links. Links are going to a .ru website with Malware on the website.

Recommended by Doctors & Medical Scientists
>>   Living with obesity is uncomfortable, unhealthy and even humiliating because all entertainments and beautiful things are designed for people with average weight! You did your best to become slender but failed. No wonder you are prepared to live with what you've got. Fortunately you can change your life with a revolutionary med formula that never fails you and does all the job for you. Eat at pleasure, ignore gyms and lose 0,3-0,5 kg a day! You will be hot and slender within a few months. All you have to do is to take the product regularly. Read more...
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Please update your Expired Dropbox Password

When you receive below email, then just ignore and delete it. It is SPAM

This was going to :

We send them a warning. And a link to this article. Hope they will remove all soon and check there website.
The owner of the website got the link from a mail we received from a spam email that was received.

Hi your email here.

We noticed that you recently tried to login in to Dropbox with a password that you haven't changed more than 180 days. Your old password has expired and you'll need to create a new one to log in.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

FUN spam to SpamEmailNews from : Notice of Internet Intellectual Property

We got the following message from : Abby Wang with email :

No problem with this. But look at the email above? ? And they sign of with website : Why ? They send us on 10/3/2013 the below mail:

Dear Manager,
(If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your CEO,Thanks)
This email is from China domain name registration center, which mainly deal with the domain name registration in China. We received an application from kenya Ltd on Sep 30th, 2013. They want to register "spamemailnews" as their internet keyword and China/Asia (CN/ASIA) domain names. But after checking it, we find this name conflicts with your company. In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not?.
Best Regards,
Abby Wang

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