Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is unsubscribing a risk ?

Lately I get a lot of questions from people who found out the hard way that UNSUBSCRIBING actual give them more spam or other problems.
And that can be true. The problem with a good thing as UNSUBSCRIBING of a service is that there are always people who use it in there advantage to gain profit.

A good example is the Phishing emails like from PayPal. All the links that are in a email will actual go to the Phishing website. In that way they keep trying to gain access to your account.

So, here are some tipes, to be sure that you will not fall for the tricks:

  1. When you want to UNSUBSCRIBE from a service then do NOT click on a link, but go to a website and UNSUBSCRIBE yourself. 
  2. Hover over a link (Without clicking) and check if the link is actual going to the website that it suppose to go to. ( See: as an example Phishing email.)
  3. THINK before you CLICK! Is it to good to be true ? Do you not have a PAYPAL account and you get mail from it, then do NOT click on it. No personal information, only email address ? Then do not open it. 
  4. Do not response on unwanted mail. The only thing you create is that they (The sender) knows that they have a live email address. Just delete it !
This are just some tips. If you have more, then send them to us!