What we do ?

When we see spam email and it looks like that the website is HACKED, then we contact the website owner if possible by phone, email.
We do NOT sell anything. We simple warn people if there website seems to be hacked.

Hacked can mean the following :

  1. Files on your website that do not belong there.
  2. Redirect to other websites.
  3. Websites are complete taken over. 

This are just some things that can happen when your website is hacked.
A big misunderstanding is that it looks like that if your website is good that it actual is good.
We warn a lot of people that there website is hacked, and if w do that we hear many times
"But my website is still there" and that is correct. But we check links in emails and before we click on it, we see if they are really going to a website that the need to go.
If you hover over a link you still can not see it. If you copy / past a email code then you can actual see where links are going to in a email.

We DO NOT sell anything. We volunteer here our free time, and help people as much as we can.
As you can see we have a donation button, and we appreciate if you use that. But we do not need it.